Huge snowfall

Today's Snow Statistics
Snow depth at 3,500m - Plateau Rosa: Snow depth at 2,900m - Gornergrat: Snow depth at 1,800m - Furi: New snowfall: Total snowfall this season at 2,900m: Avg temperature at 1,800m: Number of runs open: Number of km:
290cm 228cm 86cm 80cm 604cm -1° 132 320

After the stable high pressure of February, the first week of March saw a more westerly weather system with snow every third day or so. Perfect for powder skiing!

Mountain Exposure in-house ski instructor Digby and Rowena next to the Kumme piste

It snowed a total of 50cm during the first two weeks at the Plateau Rosa, before culminating with a huge snowfall of 80cm on March 15th! There was a good deal of wind at altitude, which means that the off-piste was quite difficult to ski, however the base of snow is so deep that the skiing will be fantastic all the way to May. And all the pistes are currently in wonderful condition.

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