Biggest Dump So Far!

Today's Snow Statistics
Snow depth at 3,500m - Plateau Rosa: Snow depth at 2,900m - Gornergrat: Snow depth at 1,800m - Furi: New snowfall: Total snowfall this season at 2,900m: Avg temperature at 1,800m: Number of runs open: Number of km:
300cm 224cm 48cm 105cm 646cm -2° limited today but all will open tomorrow 320

After two weeks of glorious sunshine, we now have a double weather system bringing us a huge amount of snow from both the north and the south. It has snowed a total of 105cm on the Plateau Rosa and 45cm at Gornergrat. And it is still snowing! The weather forecast for tomorrow Friday and the weekend is for sunshine and blue skies, so we are looking forward to what promises to be the best weekend of the season!

The garden in front of the Vieux Moulin apartment
Today’s webcam showing snow clearing on a terrace above Zermatt

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