We believe that this is the most comprehensive and accurate snow report for Zermatt that there is. The data are sourced from the SLF (Swiss Avalanche Research Institute) measuring stations, and from its Cervinia counterpart. The current snow conditions are below, you can also click on the relevant years to see the what your chosen week was like in the past. And you can download our fully detailed spreadsheet of this season’s snowfall and depths.

31st August 2014

Autumn 2014 Snow and Ski Conditions

You have an astonishing 1,000m of vertical, more than many winter resorts! All the skiing is on glaciers, there is a snow park, and you can watch the numerous national ski race teams training, then have lunch on the border with Italy. It's a great experience – have a look at this short video we made with Rowena our bookings manager and ski instructor.

Summer ski map and (below) photo of the summer ski area taken on July 1st

1st May 2014

Yet another gigantic snowfall, with 100cm of fresh snow on the slopes and 40cm in the village falling over 2 days. The skies cleared up on Tuesday giving us epic skiing. Click here to see the videos.

The outside bar at Trockener Steg:

The Furggsattel ski slope:

Mountain Exposure Resort Manager Nikos:

The Gourmet Ski Guide on his way to lunch:

24th April 2014

As usual in April, we have had a significant snowfall: 87cm of fresh snow at the Gornergrat measuring station! Conditions have been epic, with bottomless powder and far more than enough snow to last until the close of the season on May 4th. It's well worth coming out for that last weekend of skiing. Click here to see our videos.

26th March 2014

A lot of snow (39cm) fell over the weekend, and although conditions had not suffered at all from the warm temperatures of the previous weeks, new powder snow is always welcome. Last week had been the first week of the season when we could not find fresh tracks off-piste, so it was a pleasure for the MX team to go for an outing yesterday as you can see below. For recent videos of skiing in Zermatt click here.

MX Snowboarder, Telemarker and Skier on the Mittelritz in Zermatt March 24th:

12th March 2014

The sun has been shining now for a week and the tempartures are mild, however there is so much snow (210% more than average) that this has made little impact on the skiing. Pistes are still powdery on the higher slopes, while the lower ones are very agreeably soft. The off-piste was still great on the north slopes yesterday, as the photo below shows. For recent videos of skiing in Zermatt click here.

Mountain Exposure gourmet ski guide enjoying the powder under Stockhorn

9th March 2014

After another massive amount of snowfall, the weather has stabilized and we are enjoying beautiful anticylonic blue skies which will last for a while. The snowfall total is an astonishing 745cm so far, more than ever in the living memory of local mountain guides.

Findeln hamlet and ski slope above Zermatt on March 9th:

25th February 2014

This is the mother of all seasons! In the last week we have had another three snowfalls, mainly at night, and glorious sunny ski days such as you can see on the photos below, taken yesterday.

Mountain Exposure clients on the Gornergrat slopes, February 24th:

18th February 2014

Since our last update we have had a large quantity of fresh snow, amounting to180cm. The season's total snowfall so far is 624cm! Conditions continue to be exceptional both on and off piste, and with this depth of snow the slopes will remain perfect well beyond the end of the season (in May). If you haven't come to Zermatt yet, this is the year to do so.

Huts by the Tuftern run on February 17th:

20th January 2014

Another three snowfalls have given us us a total of 95cm of fresh snow, and a snow depth of 285cm at the top, with 81cm in the village. Snow depths are 168% above the long term average for this time of year. All runs, including all the freeride yellows (double diamond blacks) are open and heliskiing has already started. Definitely the best conditions in the world!

Two Stoked ski instructors in the deep snow on Zermatt run 58:

15th January 2014

Another huge snowfall, with 50cm on the Matterhorn side, 25cm on the Gornergrat area. Zermatt has been consistently getting more snow than anywhere else in the Alps, snow depths are currently 147% higher than the long-term average. The Stockhorn and Triftji freeride area has opened already, and all conditions are outstanding.

Zermatt main street on January 14th, 2014: