1st of November 133cm of fresh snow

Today's Snow Statistics
Snow depth at 3,500m - Plateau Rosa: Snow depth at 2,900m - Gornergrat: Snow depth at 1,800m - Furi: New snowfall: Total snowfall this season at 2,900m: Avg temperature at 1,800m: Number of runs open: Number of km:
170cm 72cm 26cm 133cm 133cm 16 -

Zermatt has gone straight from summer to winter. Last Friday was a balmy late Indian summer day, the next day it started snowing and now, one week later, we have had a total of 133cm of fresh snow at Gornergrat, 72cm at Furi and 70cm in Cervinia. The Italian slopes are now open as well as the high slopes on the Swiss Matterhorn side. Snow conditions are powder above 3,000m; cold / squeaky down to 2,500m, and humid below that. It’s a great start to the 2018-19 winter season with a perfect snow base to hold and maintain future snowfalls and lovely early season skiing conditions right now.

The Findlerhof (Franz & Heidi) Mountain Restaurant on November 2nd 2018