11th February 2017

Today's Snow Statistics
Snow depth at 3,500m - Plateau Rosa: Snow depth at 2,900m - Gornergrat: Snow depth at 1,800m - Furi: New snowfall: Total snowfall this season at 2,900m: Avg temperature at 1,800m: Number of runs open: Number of km:
190cm 134cm 20cm 30cm 326cm -2° 109 282

This week was truly amazing, with three great powder days, the best was yesterday (Saturday) with 30-40cm of bottomless snow over on the Italian side. The off-piste was still very good on Hohtälli, but due to the weather closing in on Friday it had snowed on the southern flank of the mountain so that is where we headed. The high wind had hardened the snow on the Swiss Matterhorn side, while on the Italian side it was fluffy perfection. The advantage of being able to access both sides of the Alps. We have posted a few videos on Vimeo.

MX director Donald Scott testing the conditions just before Half-Term week
a.k.a. the Gourmet Ski Guide has no time for lunch for once…
Bon appétit, there are tracks to be had!