Chalet Schipfa Arrival

From the station you have to go to the English Church, Bodmen 5, 3920 Zermatt, or here on google maps.

It is approximately 400m from the train station, you can walk or take a taxi there, which will cost you between 12 and 20 CHF.

Opposite the Church you can see the start of the Triftweg path.
Take the path up  to the OMNIA Hotel terrace. Walk past and Chalet Schipfa is on the left on Triftweg 23.

The door will be open. The entrance key is in the keybox on the door.
You need to enter the code to open the keybox, to close it enter your code again then press down on the button on the top in the middle.
If you enter the wrong code, the reset button is in the middle at the bottom.

There is an information sheet in the chalet with the WiFi network and password and an online information folder (scan the QR code) regarding your accommodation and stay, Zermatt and general info about Winter and Summer.

Check-out is no later than 10:00am.

We hope you enjoy your stay!

Mountain Exposure AG, Schälpmattgasse 14, Zermatt 3920
Office : +41 (0) 27 967 43 53