We believe that this is the most comprehensive and accurate snow report for Zermatt that there is. The data are sourced from the SLF (Swiss Avalanche Research Institute) measuring stations, and from its Cervinia counterpart. The current snow conditions are below, you can also click on the relevant years to see the what your chosen week was like in the past. And you can download our fully detailed spreadsheet of this season’s snowfall and depths.

22nd April 2011

Your gourmet ski guide spent a day in Verbier and was shocked by how poor the conditions are there compared to Zermatt! Apart from the top of Mont-Fort, all runs are brown, slushy and patchy. Meanwhile in Zermatt we still have perfect powdery winter snow spanning a vertical of 1,300 metres. You can see how good conditions are on the webcam shot below.

Gornergrat webcam on April 22nd 2011:

19th April 2011

10 cm of fresh snow fell on the top slopes. The quite cool temperatures at altitude have preserved the snow so that that the pistes have glorious winter quality powdery snow from 3,800 meters down to 2,500 metres. Below that you will get very sensual soft spring snow.

Stockhorn on April 19th 2011:

25th March 2011

25 cm of fresh snow fell on the Matterhorn Paradise area near the link with Cervinia. Snow depths: Top 190cm; middle 126cm; bottom 15cm. All lifts are open and the skiing is superb; powdery from top to middle, and easy spring snow from middle to bottom.

Here's the Gourmet Ski Guide booking a table from his office on March 28th 2011:

20th March 2011

Another 10 cm fell on top of the 50cm two days ago. See how deep the snow is, just by the side of the Gornergrat run:

17th March 2011

50 cm of snow has fallen on the slopes in Zermatt. Snow heights: Top 220cm, middle 144cm, bottom 48cm. With this exceptional snow base the resort runs will easily last through to Easter. These last snowfalls were highly localized, giving us by far the best skiing conditions in the Alps. Here is a review from the Daily Telegraph:

"Zermatt has had some fantastic snowfall lately. A Ski Club of Great Britain representative in the resort was woken by the sound of avalanche control this week before enjoying some good powder. The area is extensive and there is something to keep skiers and boarders of all abilities entertained. Cervinia is only a few lifts and runs away and there’s been knee-deep powder here too this week.

Zermatt is one of the prettiest resorts in Switzerland and the famous Matterhorn provides an impressive backdrop. It’s renowned for some of the best mountain cuisine too, so if you’re a powder hound and a foodie, this may well be the resort for you."

15th March 2011

15cm of fresh snow fell on the top area, refreshing both the pistes and the off-piste powder conditions and giving us more fresh tracks. All runs are in immaculate winter condition with abundant snow and all lifts are open.

Mountain Exposure chef Vicky below Testa Grigia on March 14th, 2011

5th March 2011

Another 30-50cm of light powder fell on the Klein Matterhorn area and the surrounding slopes on Friday night. We had bottomless powder off-piste skiing in the couloirs under Testa Grigia. Truly epic conditions; the best day of the season by far. The pistes are of course in perfect condition and will easily last until the the very late Easter this year.

Our Tracks Near Stafelalp on Saturday March 5th 2011


3rd March 2011

There is a cumulated total of 50cm of fresh snow on the top slopes after 4 snowfalls in seven days. If we may quote the Ski Club of Great Britain snow report: 'Zermatt (18/135cm) has some of the best skiing in Switzerland at the moment helped by the 15cm of fresh snow that fell on Tuesday 1st March.

16th February 2011

Some long awaited fresh snow fell on our mountains. The Klein Matterhorn area received 25cm of powder snow all the way down to Italy, to the great satisfaction of off-piste skiers. All lifts are open and all pistes are in remarkable condition, with immaculate snow. For good skiers, the Stockhorn runs and Garten bumps have exceptional grippy powdery winter snow. To our knowledge, Zermatt has the best skiing conditions in Europe currently.