Very Snowy Start to the 2023-4 Winter Season

Heutige Schnee-Statistiken
Schneehöhe auf 3500m - Plateau Rosa: Schneehöhe auf 2900m - Gornergrat: Schneehöhe auf 1800m - Furi: Neuer Schneefall: Gesamtschneefall in dieser Saison auf 2900 m: Durchschnittliche Temperatur in 1800m Höhe: Anzahl der geöffneten Pisten: Anzahl der km:
175cm 60cm 0cm 175cm 193cm +5°C 17 20
Empty pistes and fresh powder tracks: the miracle of skiing in Zermatt in November!

We have had an exceptional amount of early snow, so much in fact that the new FIS downhill race on November 11/12th had to be cancelled because there was too much! What this means is that the base for the coming season is really good, and every new snowfall from now on will hold well: the season is set to be a great one!