Our weather forecast & skiing tips

This is our weekly weather forecast and skiing tips for Zermatt, Switzerland. We share this forecast and tips with all our chalet guests on arrival day.

Please check back from middle of December onwards, when we will be publishing our weekly weather forecast and skiing tips.

Your Mountain Exposure weather forecast and skiing tips w/c April 2nd, 2018

Weather forecast for the coming week

You have chosen a very good time to come skiing in Zermatt, we currently have 212% more snow than the long-term average!

The week ahead will be unsettled, with a couple of westerly weather fronts coming through. Monday will in the main be a bright, good day, with a mix of sun and some scattered clouds – make the most of it. Tuesday and Wednesday will see a combination of weather fronts coming through, coupled with a southerly Foehn wind, which might keep some of the clouds at bay. There should be some good fresh snowfall during these two day. Due to the wind, some of the high lifts on the Matterhorn side might be closed, and Cervinia will most likely be cloudy throughout. Conditions will settle again as of Thursday, leading to a glorious spring-like Friday and Saturday.

Skiing Tips

All runs are in glorious condition, especially the mid and higher ones which are hard-packed or powdery. The snow on the lower runs is a bit harder. 295km of runs are open, including most of the challenging yellows. The Rothorn cable car is shut until the end of the season, due to a pylon being affected by the large snow pack we have had.

Also currently shut is the Furgg-Furi run (N° 62 – avalanche danger), you can take the short ride from Furgg up to Schwarzsee and ski down the White Pearl (N°51) instead, or the much tougher yellows (58,59,60).
This is a busy week. If the queues at Trockener Steg for the Klein Matterhorn cable-car are big, and you want to get to Cervinia, you could use the two T-bars from Trockener Steg to Testa Grigia, X1 and X2. Alternatively, you can book a helicopter to take you from Zermatt to Testa Grigia (Plateau Rosa) directly, or taking a spectacular sightseeing route around the summit of the Matterhorn (140 / 220 CHF per person, minimum 4 persons).

If the weather is bad, it is best to ski within the tree-line as far as possible, so all runs below Schwarzsee, below Riffelberg, below Breitboden, and below Sunnegga are good choices, even if they often start above the tree-line.
The three runs back to resort are open: from Furi (Blatten – N°50) and from Sunnegga/Patrullarve (N°3 and N°2).

N.B. Please be advised that all these pistes back to the village are challenging, crowded reds and taking the lift down can be a sensible option. In particular the Untere National / Howette run (N°1 then 3 on the Sunnegga side) is very tough. If you are not an expert we strongly recommend against taking it, the final section is a steep and narrow wall of black run difficulty and dangerous when crowded. The alternative N°2 then 2a (Riedweg) run is slightly easier but also has a steep section in the middle, and finishes with a long narrow path/road. If you are hesitant, you would be better off taking the Sunnegga Express back down.

Useful Web Sites

Here are a few useful links to plan your ski day:

Live interactive piste and lift map