The New Matterhorn Glacier Ride 3s Cable-Car

Inaugurated this at the start of the season, the new 3S lift with its 25 cabins has quintupled the capacity from Trockener Steg up to the Klein Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, going from 2,900m up to 3,821m, the highest cable car in the Alps. This new lift has eliminated the last remaining spot where we had to queue in Zermatt. The capacity has gone up from 600 persons per hour to 2,600: you’ll be sipping cappuccino in Cervinia before you know it. The cool cabins are designed by Pininfarina (Ferrari’s design studio), and four have Swarvoski glass floors adding sparkle to the view of the glaciers below.

We have been using it frequently already and it’s absolutely great, you never have to wait more than 5 minutes, the cabins are comfortable with no standing but seating for 28 persons each.

BTW, 3S in German means Drei-Seil: Tri-Cable.