Our new website

New Mountain Exposure Website

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website. Following the philosophy of our old website – functional, informative and easy to navigate – we have redesigned our pages giving them a modern look, with a clean design.

We have built the website from scratch, aiming at making it look good and giving you the information you need quickly, easily and clearly.

Our new website is now screen responsive so you can access it from any device, a PC or laptop, a tablet or smart phone. It is the same website, with the same information, that adapts to your screen size. Small screen does not mean less information!

Features of the new website include:
  • Single Chalet pages with more information about the chalet than before. Highlights, description, features, pricing, location map, availability calendar, guest reviews, all fitted in one page.
  • Use of collapsible sections to keep chalet pages short and clean, giving you the option to see the details of what interests you the most.
  • High resolution photos and videos for more interactive and visual experience.
  • 360 degrees virtual tours of a number of our chalets. Be in our chalets from the comfort of your own sit!
  • New pages, with more information about our chalets, our peak weeks availability, news and offers, the resort of Zermatt, winter and summer activities and much more.


We hope you like what we have developed for you and look forward to your feedback and ideas. As we have done the majority of the design and development ourselves, we can easily incorporate more good ideas!

Happy surfing.

The Mountain Exposure Team