Perfect January

Today's Snow Statistics
Snow depth at 3,500m - Plateau Rosa: Snow depth at 2,900m - Gornergrat: Snow depth at 1,800m - Furi: New snowfall: Total snowfall this season at 2,900m: Avg temperature at 1,800m: Number of runs open: Number of km:
220cm 197cm 62cm 60cm 474cm -7° to 0° 128 301

It has snowed all over the Alps, but whereas the quantities were unmanageable in some parts of Austria, here in Zermatt we had a perfect 60cm which has refreshed all the slopes nicely. The Cervinia side had a lot of wind last week so there is no off-piste there, but on the Swiss side the conditions both on and off-piste are currently perfect. The snow is powdery all the way down to resort level.

Your Gourmet Ski Guide and the head of Matterhorn Diamonds Ski School enjoying the view from the lovely Arbzug piste overlooking Zermatt.

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